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My name is Pedro Gonçalves and I'm a self learning Front end Developer.
The year was 2018 and I felt that I needed a new challenge in my life.
Since I have some friends working in this area, the programming theme naturally came up at our saturday night dinners.
During our conversations, I was fascinated when I was told that it was possible to write code on one side and see the magic happening on the other, that really blew my mind. After some conversations and insistence on my friends part, I decided to try my luck and here I am!


As a self learning Developer, I took several online courses, from which I got the experience I have today.
In addition, I always try to keep up to date by taking new intensive online courses.


  • Portuguese / Native
  • English/ Advanced
  • Spanish / Basic


I have developed a few websites using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
I am very attentive to details and I always try to ensure that the final product corresponds to the customers' expectations.
You can see some of my creations below.

Portfolio image of Bikcraft website

Portfolio image of Lobo website

Portfolio image of AluraBooks website

Portfolio image of AluraPlay website